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Grading and Seminar 11/3/17

Posted: 07/03/2017

Our grading and seminar will be with Master Donnelly, 8th Dan, on March 11th 2017.


We are having a clouded belt grading starting at 9.30 am sharp, taking approximately 2 hours, up to 11.30 am.


At 11.30 am the first Seminar 1 will begin, consisting of pad work, sparring techniques, effective guards and stances and counter attacks. This session will be mainly for younger students of the junior belts.


At 12.30 ( till 13.30 ) Seminar 2 will begin. Again, pad work and sparring techniques, guarding, moving with counter attacks will be taught. This session will be mainly for Higher grade students.

Don’t miss out on a final chance to catch Master Donnelly – Learn from a Master I do!


Listen and learn



Championships success!

Posted: 22/01/2017

Well done to all of our students that attended the Midlands Championships today. You did yourselves and your club proud. Keep up the good work.


Posted: 12/01/2017


WELCOME TO 2017 and the opportunity to advance your experiences with a life changing martial art.

Protect yourself and your children, get fitter, develop a new perspective.

Tae kwon-do is the Korean Martial Art – The Art or way of Hand and Foot Fighting.

You can’t learn a Martial Art by watching videos or reading books, nor can you punch a bag and buy a belt and call yourself a Martial Artist, you have to train hard and regularly. 

Atherstone and Castle Bromwich Tae Kwon-do Clubs can give you the training you need to achieve your goal. 

Feel yourself becoming fitter, re-defining your goals and ambitions.


Start training NOW!

We are offering FREE taster sessions within our club sessions, we train with all ages and grades, you don’t know who your  attacker might be!


Wednesdays 7-8 pm at the Atherstone Queen Elizabeth Academy Witherley Road Atherstone CV9 1LZ.

Thursdays 7-8 pm at Park Hall Academy Water Orton Road Castle Bromwich, Birmingham B36 9HF.

Saturdays 10- 11.30 am at Atherstone Leisure Centre Long Street Atherstone CV9 1AX.

Mums and Dads that join as members with their children get one month free!