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Posted: 08/02/2018

The English Championships are back, to be held at Worcester again.

We need to ensure ALL entries are paid and in for 24th February to ensure we all are eligible to attend.

All events are as per usual, but there is also a Team Pattern Event, a three person team doing the same pattern in sequence.


Get on board with these events and continue your journey in Tae Kwon-do!




Tae Kwon-do is back

Posted: 02/01/2018

Tae Kwon-do is back! ( For some of us it never went away).


We are training at:

  • Atherstone QE High School on Wednesday 3rd January.
  • Park Hall Academy on Thursday 11th January– (next week).
  • Memorial Hall Leisure Centre on Saturday 6th January. 


Clear away the cobwebs, pursue your fitness goals, give yourself a chance to reach your targets by attending lessons this week onwards.

The Midlands Championships will be on us shortly, as well as the coloured belt grading in March, the pre-black belt sessions, and the April Black belt grading.


See you there.


Reverse Turning Kick by Simon Loveland


Tae Kwon-do for 2018

Posted: 05/12/2017

2018 promises to be another busy year for us!

We have yet to have confirmation, but the Midlands Championships are often held in late January at Kettering, I will keep you updated when I know.

People taking their Black belts in 2018 need to know that the  Red/Black belt sessions TAGB Central Midlands North sessions will take place in March and April 2018, so please keep a look out for updates on the exact weekends that they will take place on. We don’t know them yet.

Our club coloured belt grading will take place at Atherstone Memorial Hall, Leisure Centre Long Street Atherstone CV9 1AX, starting at 9.30 am on Saturday 24th March 2018.

All coloured belts will be taking this grading so please attend lessons regularly.

Another grading will be held at Birmingham in June, and a September grading is likely be held in September. No dates confirmed yet though.

The very next day –  Sunday March 25th is the date for the English Championships at the Worcester Arena. Events to be entered include patterns, sparring and Tag team sparring.

Red belts need to attend TWO championships between their black stripe and black belt grading.

The Black Belt grading is held at the Bristol Academy in April 20-22nd.

Please note that we won’t know times and dates for the grading until a few weeks before the actual grading!


The TI World Championships are being held at the Barclaycard Arena Birmingham, July 21-22nd 2018, again lots of events that can be entered including Tag Team sparring and Pattern team events, see for details closer to the event.

The second black belt grading of the year will be held in October 19th-21st. Red belt/Black belt sessions will be held in the September/ October.

Please note that we won’t know times and dates for the grading until a few weeks before the actual grading!


Hopefully that will keep you all busy in your quest for Tae Kwon-do success!

Please attend lessons regularly if you wish to advance in Tae kwon-do.

Beginners always welcome!


Grading success

Posted: 12/03/2017


Next training sessions are on Wednesday 5th July and Thursday 6th July at Castle Bromwich after the break. See you then!

Grading and Seminar 11/3/17

Posted: 07/03/2017

Our grading and seminar will be with Master Donnelly, 8th Dan, on March 11th 2017.


We are having a clouded belt grading starting at 9.30 am sharp, taking approximately 2 hours, up to 11.30 am.


At 11.30 am the first Seminar 1 will begin, consisting of pad work, sparring techniques, effective guards and stances and counter attacks. This session will be mainly for younger students of the junior belts.


At 12.30 ( till 13.30 ) Seminar 2 will begin. Again, pad work and sparring techniques, guarding, moving with counter attacks will be taught. This session will be mainly for Higher grade students.

Don’t miss out on a final chance to catch Master Donnelly – Learn from a Master I do!


Listen and learn