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Black Belt Grading information

Posted: 03/02/2020

Here is some information on the upcoming Black Belt gradings from the TAGB for the APRIL 24th/25th/26th 2020



Our Area is Central England South Grand Master Donnelly, Instructor Master Simon Loveland.

A first Kup is a Red Belt Black Stripe.

All forms & payment are to be handed in on the first session.


All sessions to be held at:





B69 1HE

1st Session – Sunday 1st March 2020

1st and 2nd Kups                  09.00 –  10.30

All Black belts                     10.30 – 12.00


2nd Session – Saturday 14th  March 2020         ( Note this is the Saturday for this session!!!!)

1st and 2nd Kups                 09.00-10.30

All Black belts                    10.30-12.00


3rd Session – Sunday 5th April 2020 including all-star gradings

1st and 2nd Kups                 09.00-11.00

All Black belts                    11.00-13.00


Grading venue and times:

Central England South Group 1 Sunday, the venue for the black belt grading in April 2020 is Hellidon Lakes Hotel and Golf Resort, Daventry, NN11 6GG.

The timings for the grading will be confirmed on the third Black belt session but Group 1 is normally first on that morning.

The grading fees in the form of a cheque, 6 copies of the TAGB Black belt form should be filled in with passport photos: (search TAGB Black Belt PDF or click here here:   ).

Attend all three sessions with standard clean ironed white suit and belt, and full sparring equipment.

Get your grading record booklet signed at every session.

Hand your forms to Master Loveland for signing by the middle of February, and then hand the filled in forms to Master Carter on the FIRST session.

If anything is incorrect on the form or the cheque, training record booklet or sessions haven’t been attended, club training hasn’t been attended,  you won’t be permitted to take this grading.



Don’t be late! ( in fact be early).

Attend all sessions for training between now and the grading date.

Train for between 3 and 15 hours per week on your own at home- practise!




Coloured Belt grading 2020

Posted: 10/12/2019

Atherstone & Castle Bromwich Tae Kwon-do Club I hosting a coloured belt grading on 14th March, 9.30 am start.

The grading will be open to all coulees belts that are eligible to grade, having attended lessons and paid the grading fee to their instructor.

Grand Master Donnelly will be the grading examiner for this event.

So get ready to take this grading early in the New Year, by attending lessons and taking on this new challenge.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!


Change of venue, days and times.

Posted: 07/12/2019

Simon Loveland 6th Dan Instructor.



Onwards and Upwards!   We are expanding out Tae Kwon-do Club at Atherstone by moving to a better venue on Tuesday nights 7.30 – 8.30 pm, starting from 21/1/20.


This is the venue we already train at every Saturday, and consolidates our lessons and enables a better base for Atherstone Tae Kwon-do in the heart of the town at the Leisure Centre Memorial Hall.


Thursday nights will remain 7-8 pm at Park Hall Academy Castle Bromwich Birmingham as at present.

Saturday morning sessions 10-11.30 am will remain the same at the Memorial hall.


First lesson is free to all new beginners, so come down and learn a fresh new, complete Martial art to protect you and your family and friends, keep you fit, and have fun!




Posted: 13/02/2019


WELCOME to Tae Kwon-do and the opportunity to advance your experiences with a life changing martial art.

Protect yourself and your children, get fitter, develop a new perspective.

Tae kwon-do is the Korean Martial Art – The Art or way of Hand and Foot Fighting.

You can’t learn a Martial Art by watching videos or reading books, nor can you punch a bag and buy a belt and call yourself a Martial Artist, you have to train hard and regularly.

Atherstone and Castle Bromwich Tae Kwon-do Clubs can give you the training you need to achieve your goal with expert instruction from Master Simon Loveland 6th Dan black Belt Tae Kwon-do.

Feel yourself becoming fitter, re-defining your goals and ambitions.


Start training NOW!

We are offering FREE taster sessions within our club sessions, we train with all ages and grades, you don’t know who your  attacker might be!


Tuesday’s  7.30-8.30 pm at the Atherstone Leisure Centre Memorial hall Long Street Atherstone CV9 1AX.

Thursdays 7-8 pm at Park Hall Academy Water Orton Road Castle Bromwich, Birmingham B36 9HF.

Saturdays 10- 11.30 am at Atherstone Leisure Centre Memorial Hall Long Street Atherstone CV9 1AX.

Mums and Dads that join as members with their children get one month free!

tae-kwondo-me-pictureAtherstone & Castle Bromwich Tae Kwon-do Club.